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Tending the hearth in the huts during the 18th century
Construction of huts for George Washington at Jockey Hollow Morristown New Jersey
Father and daughter in an 18th century boat at the Red Mill in Clinton New Jersey
Standing at attenion at Sandy Hook New Jersey 2nd New Jersey Regiment reenacting
Tents in the 18th centuy military camp
 Sewing in the 18th century
A battle between American and British troops
Native American reenactors in war paint during an ambush of American troops in New York
Children of camp followers and women in camp at Jockey Hollow New Jersey Morristown
American troops charge the British
Rows of white tents in the American military camp at Monmouth New Jersey
Firing muskets inside Fort Mifflin Pennsylvania
Firing muskets outside of Fort Mifflin Pennsylvania
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British troops marching to face American troops on the battlefield
American troops firing muskets
Line of British troops firing muskets
Boats in the 18th century firing cannon
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